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Throughout this site there are links to a lot of other web-sites, so if something isn't here, have a browse of the rest of the site.

Dizzy Specific Sites has a lot of Dizzy information and downloads and is well worth a visit.

Peter Teal has been involved in Dizzy websites for absolutely ages.   His current site is the impressive Theos Grotto [sic].

A server crash meant the original Dizzy Zone was lost.  However, a new version is now online:

Dizzy Land is the new name for's Dizzy site.  It's primarily based on the Amstrad and ZX-Spectrum versions but has some nice other bits too. has a Dizzy section which contains mp3s for lots of the Amstrad CPC and Spectrum Dizzy games plus general info on the games.

Tommy Pereira's Dizzy Petition is now back online.  Why not drop by and sign?

Dizzy Online is another Dizzy site with very nice layout - why not pay it a visit?

Speccy.F9 is a Spectrum site containing the Dizzy Shrine.

The Dizzy Remix Zone is now part of Yolkfolk.  However, the old version of the site includes information on a number of the Dizzy fan-games and remakes.

The Kingdom of Zakeria is another Dizzy site (although it is no longer updated).

Bring Back Dizzy HQ is a site with a petition to bring back Dizzy

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Other sites which include Dizzy info is the official site for the Oliver Twins (the brains behind the first Dizzy games).  It contains info on all their games (including some unreleased ones) including the Dizzy ones.  While you're at it, visit the site for the Oliver's new company: Blitz Games.

Amiga 51 has information and screenshots from a number of Dizzy compilations, as well as other Dizzy and Amiga info. provides information on many of the Dizzy games.

Your Sinclair Rock and Roll years is an excellent tribute to Your Sinclair magazine, containing info from almost every issue including articles, reviews and more.

The C64 Gamers Guide has a page on Dizzy here.

NES World has a Dizzy Page here.   (Including some good music downloads).

Nostalgica (the History of Classic Amiga Games) have a page about Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy here.

The Spectrum Adventurer  has a Dizzy page here.

Brent's Crud Speccy Days includes some Dizzy information including inlay pictures for a number of the Dizzy games.   

Ian's Dump has a What's the Story ... section which contains many Dizzy game storylines.

CPC Games Reviews contains reviews for all of the Dizzy games on Amstrad CPC

Total 64 is a site dedicated to the Commodore 64 which includes a section on Dizzy

The Unofficial Codemasters Website has a section for Dizzy which includes info and downloads for the Russian vector machine.   The site is available in English and Russian.

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Other Dizzy-related links

Codemasters were the company who created Dizzy.  However, their site doesn't contain any Dizzy information.

100% Codemasters is a fan site for Codemasters.

Melanie Hoyle has now resurected the Codemasters Zone.  It's definitely worth checking out (and can you help out providing Codemasters ROMs?)

Dizzy's Domain is in the Video Games Directory.

For links to Dizzy related cheats etc visit our Hints, Cheats and Walkthroughs page.

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As well as this site, I run a couple of others.  You can view my personal site here

If you want to suggest any links then please get in touch.

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