Sam Partington

I’m Sam Partington, a thirty-something year-old living in Oxford who normally wears a less cheesy expression than that shown on the right (although that is me).  Since graduating from the University of Bath, where I had been studying Computer Science, I worked for 9 months as a Language Assistant at a school in Germany, and am now working for White October.  I'm married to the wonderful Emma.

Have a wander around this site by following the links in the bar at the top of the page: you can find information about me, some content which should be of interest to anyone (or at least anyone who shares my interests) and lots of good links. A lot of the content was written some time ago, so don't go thinking you've got me pegged once you've finished reading!

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New(er) stuff:  tweaks to the Computing page (July 2012); new book link on the Interests page (Dec 2008); new radio link on Interests page (Jan 2008).

photo of me view from Heidelberg`s Philosophenweg The Vulkaneifel near Brohl, Germany