Sam Partington

I've quite a range of interests, which you can read about on this page.  Alternatively, follow these links for more on my computing and social justice / environmental interests.

I like learning German, as well as travelling in Germany and anywhere else.  As I mentioned, I recently spent 9 months as a Language Assistant at a school in Germany.  Anyone interested in travelling should visit The Man in Seat 61 for amazingly comprehensive information on plane-free travel.  Europe by train is cheaper and quicker than you'd expect.  If you've yet to be convinced that flying should be avoided, Choose Climate's Flying off to a warmer climate information and calculations would be a good place to visit.

I like learning Circus skills.  I have learnt to juggle and unicycle (though not (yet) at the same time!) and have quite a large collection of juggling balls.

I'm currently teaching myself to play blues and jazz piano, having had lessons up to Grade 7.  I am a particular fan of Fats Domino and Fats Waller although don't pretend to be able to play anything like as well as them!  Whilst in Germany I was lucky enough to see Stefan Ulbricht, an awesome boogie-woogie pianist, playing live a couple of times at Sonjas Kneipe in Bonn (note that Stefan's site is in German).

I quite enjoy reading and read quite a wide range including, among others, 19th century novels, "political" books like No Logo, German novels, Calvin & Hobbes books and modern novels by people like Nick Hornby.  I seem to mainly read non-fiction at the moment, and cannot recommend the following highly enough:

The links above take you direct to Amazon, but if you go to Amazon via here instead then you can raise money for a good cause.

I don't watch much TV, but I do like The Simpsons, Red Dwarf and Blackadder.  I also like being nostalgic about classic kids TV such as Wacaday.

I like the work of Escher and am particularly interested in impossible shapes.

My music tastes are fairly broad but I like jazz piano, as I mentioned, and 70's / 80's rock and pop (and don't like garage, r'n'b or hip-hop). is a fairly good website for info about artists and bands.  If you've got a reasonable speed Internet connection, then is a highly recommended digital radio station.  You can also get them on digital radio (obviously) and Sky / NTL.  Since they launched in Oxford recently, I've become a huge fan of Jack FM.

A page called "Interests" is not the right place to say that I'm a Christian, but until there's a better place on the site to put that it'll have to do.  There's a good, albeit rather technical, site out there called Thinking Anglicans, and I like to think that title sums up my position (except that, of course, there is only one of me).  I also highly recommend the Cartoon Church blog, Ship of Fools, Inclusive Church and Greenbelt.

the source of the Bosna river in Bosnia countryside from the train to Sarajevo the Rhine and Bingen