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Information Wanted

Have you seen this Dizzy? – Games, Information and Screenshots I am keen to get my hands on.

The following is a list of things I would like information about for this site.  If you can provide me with any information or help of any kind then I'd been very glad to hear from you.  This list will be updated whenever I have any new requests.

If you'd like to post up a question then please pass it on to me and I'll give you the answer if I have it or else post the question here.

Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy on PC

It's looking just about certain that Crystal Kingdoms was released on PC as the History of Games written by the Oliver Twins (an official Oliver Twins page) mentions a PC version.

Further evidence is that whilst searching around the web for Dizzy information I came across's Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy walkthrough (now on the hints page).  What interested me though, was that this walkthrough was in the DOS/Windows section of and was titled something like "Windows/DOS strategies - Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy".

However, I've got no info on the game at all.

Please Contact me if you know anything useful.

Spellbound Dizzy on PC

As with Crystal Kingdoms a PC release is mentioned on the History of Games written by the Oliver Twins.  But as with Crystal Kingdoms PC I've also got no info.

Any info you have would be appreciated.

Treasure Island Dizzy for the PC

We now know that Treasure Island Dizzy was released for PC as Melanie H (who used to run the Dizzy Zone website) e-mailed the Oliver Twins and to ask and they told her that it was.  However, I've got no information about it at all.  Can you help?

Please Contact me if you can help.

Easter Extravaganza ST version

Apparently, Easter Extravaganza was also released for the Atari with an issue of ST Action.  Any info on this would be welcome.

Please Contact me if you can help

Fantastic Dizzy for Atari ST

This was released but no-one knows where it is!

Please Contact me if you can help

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