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This page used to contain masses of links to hints at other Dizzy sites and scattered throughout the internet.  However, so many sites have now closed that I've simplified things a bit.  For most of your Dizzy cheat needs, you should go to Theos Grotto [sic].   You'll find walkthroughs, video walkthroughs, collectable locations, cheat modes and game maps in their cheats section.

However, I have kept a few useful links to things you might not find elsewhere:

Official Adventure Official Arcade Foreign Games Magazine Games Unofficial Games

Official Adventure Games

Treasure Island Dizzy

This page of Ray Earle's Amiga Game Help has information on where to use some of the objects, plus cheats for flying, immunity and high-jumping-ability.  Tips & cheats can also be found here.  A view credits cheat is at this page of

Fantasy World Dizzy has a UHS version of the solution for download here (does not work for all platforms).  Alternatively,  you can find the online version of the UHS solution here.  Our interactive map includes details on where to find all the coins.  Simply click on the map square for more info.  At this page of Secarica you'll find a cheat which allows you to browse the game map (Spectrum version). has a lot of pokes for this game here.

Magicland Dizzy

This page of The Tipshop has a Q&A style guide to various puzzles, a guide to the enemies (Spectrum version), a guide to where to find the diamonds (Spectrum version; hidden diamonds listed at top of page, scroll down for the complete list), pokes, type-in hacks and more.

Prince of the Yolkfolk

We have a guide on where to find all 20 cherries in Prince of the Yolkfolk.

The following objects are not needed:

  • Some tasty bread
  • Potion
  • Magic Carpet

Ray Earle's Amiga Game Help is no longer available, but you can view their object guide for Prince of the Yolkfolk here thanks to the Internet Archive.  At this page of Secarica you'll find a cheat which allows you to browse the game map (Spectrum version).  The Video Game Museum have screenshots of the ending screens for the C64 version here.

Dizzy the Adventurer

If you want to spoil things, World of Video Games tells you the ending to Dizzy the Adventurer here.

Spellbound Dizzy

At this page of Secarica you'll find a cheat which allows you to browse the game map (Spectrum version). have an infinite lives poke for Spellbound Dizzy (C64) here.  A show walls poke and another lives poke is at this page of The NoNowt ZX Spectrum Site.

Thanks to George, we have a complete Spellbound Dizzy map (974kb). (If the screen looks blank, scroll to see the map.)

Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy has the solution to Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy here.   This page of EAGER (Every Amiga Game Ever Released) has Game Genie codes for infinite lives, faster dizzy and levels 2, 3 and 4.   At this page of Secarica you can find an infinite lives cheat (Spectrum).

Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy / Fantastic Dizzy

Thanks to Robert Coonrod, we have a walkthrough here (including object guide and ASCII map of the town).

Robert's walkthrough is apparently more accurate than many others on the internet, but if you do want to try another then have a Fantastic Dizzy walkthrough here.

For the Mega Drive version  type RUBADUBDUB on the title screen (R=right etc).  This lets you play all the mini games e.g mine cart etc.  You can also pause the game and press CRABALLS (gives you one extra life) but it only works once.

You can also get cheats for a Hidden Sub-game Menu, Extra Life and Free Oxygen (MegaDrive version) from this page of  You can get a Fantastic Dizzy (Genesis) saved game from this page of VGWS.  The save is "At the beanstalk near the end, about to climb up and break into Zak's castle."

Did you know that Codemasters added a demo of Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy into the cartridge for the game FireHawk?  Type your name as 'Dizzy' on the high score chart to access the demo.

The Video Game Museum have screenshots of the ending screens for the Genesis version here.

You can watch the final level of Fantastic Dizzy being played on the Master System here.

Official Arcade Games

Bubble Dizzy has a number of Bubble Dizzy cheats hereThe page is titled Amiga cheats but a number of the cheats work for Spectrum and C64 too.

Fast Food

If on the PC version of Fast Food you wait and watch all the credits at the beginning a little animation (like the animations between some of the levels) will appear with the caption "Fido slow but sure".  If you play the game now you will have an extra life.

If you're feeling brave you can try out a hex edit for infinite lives in Fast Food Dizzy (PC).  The Abby cheat collection has more info here.

Kwik Snax has a restore lives cheat for Atari ST Kwik Snax here.  I think that this also works for other platforms too but I haven't yet tested it.

This page of The Tipshop has tips and bonus level solutions for Kwik Snax (Spectrum) plus "type-in hacks" for Kwik Snax (Spectrum) and details of how to complete the bonus levels for each world as well as some game tips

Dizzy down the Rapids has details of a cheat mode and unlimited-time poke here.   The Tipshop has tips, pokes and details of a different cheat mode here.   World of Spectrum has a map for the game here (see the bottom of the page), scanned from Your Sinclair July 1992.

Panic Dizzy

There's a "No Moving Belts" poke at this page of The Tipshop.  The page also has some "type-in hacks".

Foreign Games

Acidbreak's Dizzy site has a walkthrough for Dizzy New here.

This page of The Tipshop has a poke for infinite lives and one for infinite energy in Dizzy 8 (a little joke).

This page of The Tipshop has an infinite lives poke for Dizzy B.

Dizzy Mania has the map for Dizzy : X2 (aka Dizzy : Y) here.

The Unofficial Codemasters website has a map for Last Will Dizzy (aka Dizzy 7+ The Last Adventure) here.

The Unofficial Codemasters website has a map for Dizzy 8 (A little Joke) here (including object locations).

The Unofficial Codemasters website has a map for Dizzy X here (including object locations in Russian).

Magazine Games

The C64 Game Solutions and Walkthrough Site has a Magicland Dizzy walkthrough here which includes a walkthrough for Dizzy 3.5 - Into Magicland.

This page of The Tipshop has two pokes (Infinite Lives and Dizzy can fly) for Dizzy 3.

Unofficial Games

Lots of the games written in DizzyAGE have walkthroughs at the DizzyAGE site's games page.

Thanks to Mark, we have an object guide and coin guide for A Very Dizzy Christmas, plus a location map, an object map and coin map.

Dizzy Caves: On the title screen (the one with the controls), type in "ilikecake" (without quotes). Dizzy will disappear, and you'll have unlimited lives! If you press F2 at any point during the game, it will restart and turn the cheat off.

Stag Night Dizzy: On the title screen, when Dizzy rubs his eyes, double click on him with the left mouse button. He should collapse. Then, double click on the log furthest to the right on the bridge Denzil is standing on. Then, when Denzil is in the water, double click on him. The "thing" to far right will fall off screen, causing the other "thing" to attack Dizzy. Dizzy will stand up and run off screen. When he is off screen, you can start the game with unlimited lives. Simple, eh?

Dizzy's Normal Day: On the title screen, double click on Dizzy using the right mouse button. Then double click on the "S" with the left mouse button. Finally, single click on the "3" with the left mouse button. You will know if your click has worked, heh. When the "S" explodes you can start the game with infinite lives.

The cheats above for Dizzy Caves, Stag Night Dizzy and Dizzy's Normal Day were originally posted by Alex in the Dizzy Community forums. I've adapted them very slightly.  The original thread is no longer available.

Egghead: At you can find a cheat mode for Egghead plus an infinite lives poke for egghead, and fall any height and no keys needed pokes for Egghead to the Rescue.

What's a poke?  A poke is simply an instruction which writes a value into the memory of a machine.  Editing part of the memory which a game is in can cause the game to behave differently.  The pokes here take advantage of that fact to help you cheat.

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