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Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy walkthrough

This walkthrough was created for the NES version but should work for any other.  I've left it pretty much as the original text file was (including spelling and grammar), except for adding bookmarks instead of line references.  (This walkthrough included with permission from Robert.)

The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy from Codemasters
walkthrough by robert coonrod revised 01/30/2004, minor modification 17/04/2004.

"Absolutely brilliant"

Table of contents

The game
The characters
The stars and the scenes
The map of town
The final note
The items/walkthrough


"The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy" was released in 1991 by Camerica. It was
made by Codemasters Software Company, located in "a 96 acre farm in the heart
of rural England" according to the manual, but that's not overly important
right now.

Dizzy is this egg, you see, and the idea of the Dizzy series is that he gets
in these silly situations (usually involving the kidnapping of his girlfriend)
and he has to get out of them by solving puzzles and traversing the
countryside while not getting hit by anything. EVERYTHING hurts Dizzy except,
apparantly, falling hundreds of feet (he just lands on his butt and sees
stars for a little bit in that case).

Despite the frailty of our hero he has starred in 10 or so games on various
computers and game consoles, of which this was the last episode. This one
has a very dark and drearily-written story in the manual, but the actual
plot "boils" down to this: Dizzy's hot girlfriend Daisy has been kidnapped
by the evil wizard Zaks, who, besides being evil, has evilly built an evil
castle in the clouds.

The game seems difficult when you start, mainly becuase there's a lot of game
terrain to cover and you're only given three lives, with no save games, no
passwords and no continues, to finish the game. Simply put, this is not a
game to be beaten in one sitting, even with this text file. However, since
this is pretty much the last great unsolved NES adventure, a file like
this is long overdue...

The game

There are two versions of NES Dizzy. The first one was released in gold
cartridge form in 1991, and the second one was released as an Aladdin cart
in 1993. There are several differences between the two:

- Stars. The gold version has 100 stars; the Aladdin version has 250.
- Dizzy walks a lot faster in the Aladdin version, and the inventory system
  is a bit simplified - when you pick up an item, it goes as far to the
  right of your inventory window as possible.
- There are some small terrain changes, and some items are in different
  places, as explained below.

The characters

Dizzy is a Yolkfolk, and he and six of his fellow Yolkfolk dudes live in a
treehouse village in the middle of the game world. Besides kidnapping Daisy,
the Evil Wizard Zaks has also done harm to most of Dizzy's friends. When you
help these yolky folkies out, they give you important items in return.

  He is our hero, who never stops smiling and bouncing around. He's kind of
weak, though, so be sure not to run him into monsters or oceans or walls of
spikes, because he has only three lives. He has a damage bar that goes up
when you get hit by something, and goes down when you grab some fruit, which
is lying all over the place.

Dizzy's mom
  Actually, you don't see her, she doesn't have a house in the village, and
no one in the game mentions her. She's mentioned only in passing in the
manual. I guess she went out shopping while the game was going on.

  The unofficial pet of the Yolkfolk village, Pogie is a "fluffle" - he looks
like a fluffy purple teddy bear head with arms and feet. You need to catch
him, since when the game starts he's aimlessly wandering nearby Dizzy's

  Dizzy's ugly girlfriend. Gets kidnapped a lot (usually by the Evil Wizard
Zaks). Doesn't say much except for "Save me Dizzy!"

  This egg is one of those people who can say "Yo dudes!" and actually sound
like he means it. He is the Leisure Suit Larry of his time; he exudes coolness
as it was defined in the mid 1980s. If his body was shaped for it I'm sure
he'd be wearing Jams. Because he's so "cool", the Evil Wizard Zaks encased him
in a block of ice in his house.

  Easily confused with Denzil, Dylan has a style all his own - he is a hippie
type, whose Taoist back-to-nature philosophy goes well with his treehouse
style of living. The Evil Wizard Zaks didn't do anything evil to him, but if
you can catch Pogie and give it to him he'll give you a useless item. He has
more interesting roles in other Dizzy games.

Grand Dizzy
  Always ready to bore the entire Yolkfolk crew with his stories, Grand
Dizzy's scuffling with the Evil Wizard Zaks was what caused all this trouble
in the first place. He was badly injured by the attack and Dizzy will need
to make some medicine to help him out.

  This egg is very tired all the time. His hobbies include sleeping, taking
naps, resting, and "collecting dust!!!" (cf. "Dizzy the Adventurer"). If you
can manage to wake him up, he'll help you out as best he can.

  As the "other woman" in the Yolkfolk clan, Dora is not given much attention
by anyone. In fact, I can't imagine how hard her role must be in the tree
village. Daisy's got Dizzy by the nads, and the other "men" of the village
are all less than desirable. Dora's been turned into a frog by the EWZ.

The Evil Wizard Zaks
  This really incredibly evil bloke likes making life really hard for Dizzy.
His primary modus operandi is kidnapping his girlfriend and waiting around in
his cloud castle for Dizzy to come and beat him up. This time he has laid all
sorts of traps for Dizzy; hopefully we'll be able to beat him!

The good magician Theodore
  Much nicer than the EWZ, Theodore will give you an extra life if you can
solve the sliding puzzles strewn throughout the land.

Shamus the leprechaun
  This dude, who doesn't talk much and damages you if you walk into him, is
blocking the way to a new part of the world. Give him something and he'll sort
of move out of the way. (Codemasters didn't flesh out this character very
much, IMO)

The Shopkeeper
  He's not very talkative either, but if you have anything he'd be interested
in (ie. money), he'll be glad to make a fair trade.

Prince Clumsy
  This guy hangs out at the base of the Yolkfolk village for no apparant
reason. He doesn't talk to you, either, leaving you to wonder exactly what
it is he wants from you, anyway.

Blackheart the Pirate
  A nice chap once he's got some alcohol in him, he runs a nice pirate ship
over in the town of Keldor. He'll let you in for a fee, but he'll just as
quickly throw you out - into the water!


The stars and the scenes

Besides the main bizness of solving puzzles and finding Daisy, Dizzy has
several subquests to think about.

The first involves stars. Dizzy has to find all of them before the magical
shield blocking Dizzy from access to Daisy is lifted. There are 100 or 250
stars (depending on what version you play), and they're all plainly visible
and found while you're progressing normally, so you don't need to worry about
them so much.

There are also several action scenes in the game, several of which were lifted
from other Dizzy games on other computers/consoles.

The sliding puzzle
- Located at the following points:

* Right of Denzil's house; swing on a hook to get to it
* Left of the village (gold cart), near the waterfall (Aladdin)
* At Dock St. in Keldor
* Via Exit 3 of the mine carts
* Near the broken bridge below Zaks' castle
* In the top level of Zaks' castle

- Rearrange the sliding puzzle to spell out
    Hocus pocus
    Busy wizzy
    Conjure up
    Another Dizzy
  before time runs out to get an extra life.

Dizzy down the rapids
- Leave Bridge St. in town on the far right. You'll hop into a barrel and
  go down the Silver River for a while, avoiding crocodiles, this troll that
  throws crap at you, and this other troll in a barrel.
- Finishing the stage drops you off near the waterfall, where you can get to
  the barrel of rum. Don't enter the stage with 3 items, or else you won't
  be able to grab the barrel without giving up something else, and you'll
  have to do it over again.

Bubble dizzy
- Leave the pirate ship to the right. Blackheart will drop down and make you
  walk off the plank into the water. The object is to get Dizzy back up onto
  the surface by riding air bubbles to the top before his oxygen runs out.
- This drops you off on an island in the ocean. This scene is not necessary
  to beat the game (except in the Aladdin version, where there are stars you
  must get in the action stages).

Dizzy does some mine carts
- Go left after entering the mine. Dizzy will hop into a minecart and go on
  a zany (?) ride down some old tracks, trying to avoid dead ends and evil
  trolls going the wrong way.
- There are four exits Dizzy can take. In the order you see them:
  Exit 1 leads simply to another part of the mine.
  Exit 2 leads to the beach to the right of the ocean.
  Exit 3 leads to the area below Zaks' castle, and gives access to a
    sliding puzzle stage that can't be accessed any other way.
  Exit 4, the best one, leads to town, and gives access to the gravedigger's
- As before, don't enter the mine cart while carrying 3 items, or else
  you'll have to go through again to retrieve the spade or whatever item
  you left off.

Crossbow Dizzy
- In Keldor there's a portcullis that can be opened and entered, leading to
  the trolls' castle. Before you can enter, though, you'll need to fight
  the castle guards.
- You need to possess the crossbow to do this level; otherwise you're wasting
  your time. Press A to shoot and B to duck down and avoid shots. Shooting
  people increases the meter at the bottom of the screen; when the meter is
  completely white, you win and can enter the castle.

The final battle
- When Dizzy gets 100 or 250 stars and can pass through the magic barrier,
  he enters the main tower of the castle. Here, Dizzy has to make his way up
  the tower, avoiding the bouncing evil balls that Zaks is throwing at him.
- This level will really test your jumping skills - Dizzy is notorious for
  rolling off of platforms, and many perfect jumps are necessary. Once you
  make it to the top, Zaks will fire off a magic flame at you. Jump over it
  and it will hit the mirror on the other side, bounce off, and kill Zaks,
  leaving Daisy for the taking. Congratulations!


The map of town

Most of the game isn't difficult to traverse and map, but the town of Keldor
is a little hard to figure out until you take the time to make a map.

The town is connected by some rat-infested tunnels, and the only way to access
some sections of town is by taking the correct tunnels. Here is an ASCII map
of town:

 . and ! are tunnel entrances
 X = an insurmountable wall
#1 = the shopkeeper
#2 = the portcullis leading to the trolls' castle

                                             X                  To pirate ship
,.,.________.__________.___________________._X__.__Dock St.___________-->
To          |           |                 X  |    |
graveyard   |          |                 X  |    |                     To rapids
<--_________|___.____._|_Bridge St._____X__!____|_______._____________-->
            |   |     |X|                      X  |       |           
,.,.________!___!_#1_!X!_____#2__Castle St.__X__!_______!_____________-->  To

The final note

A note on the elevator control machines in the mine.

In the gold cartridge version, there are 4 separate machines, each of which
operates a separate elevator in the mine. The idea is to get all four
machines' lights flashing (thus turning them all on). When you turn on one
machine, the machines to the left and right of you turn on or off, depending
on what state they were in before. After a little tinkering, you'll figure it
out easily enough.

In the Aladdin version of the game, there is only one elevator control
machine, and it is turned on with an item you find nearby. After that you
don't need to worry about it at all; all the elevators work.

The items

The main part of the walkthrough, this section contains all the items in the
game (in more-or-less the order which you'll encounter them). Since I use the
exact same item names the game does, you can search this document for the
item you're having trouble with and find out immediately what to do. With each
item listing is (a) the location where it's found, and (b) what you're
supposed to do with it.

So this isn't a walkthrough in the normal sense where I tell you exactly what
to do; the game's too big and spacious for that. Instead, feel free to do your
own exploration and consult this file when your investigations turn up a dead

Part 1: The door keys/elevator keys

In order to go around the Yolkfolk village, you'll need to find a variety of
keys. There are 2 sorts of keys - regular keys, to open doors to people's
houses (why the Yolkfolk inside the houses don't answer the door is beyond
me), and elevator keys to work the elevators in the multi-level complex.

The complex is divided into the following "levels", with each level named
after whose house is on that level, from top to bottom:

  Dozy level
  Dora level
  Dylan level
  G.Dizzy level
  Denzil level
  Daisy level (also contains the meeting hall)
  Dizzy level
  Ground level

Here is where the various keys are:

Name    Door key                              Elevator Key
Dizzy   In Dizzy's house (start of game)       ---
Denzil  In the Dizzy level, right of weed    Left of Dizzy's house
Daisy   Right of meeting hall (Daisy lvl)      ---
Dora    Far left in Denzil level                ---
Dylan   On the Dylan level                    Far right in G.Dizzy level
Dozy    In Daisy's house                        ---
G.Dizzy In meeting hall                       In mine

Part 2: Everything else

A large strong plank of wood
- Found: left of Dizzy's hut
- Use: Covers the spiky pit on the ground level of the village

A bottle of snappy weed killer
- Found: Ground level of village, right of the spiky pit
- Use: Kills the snappy weed right of Dizzy's hut

A long length of tough rope
- Found: Just past the snappy weed
- Use: Lets you swing on the hooks located throughout the game. There are
  hooks to swing on in the village, on the pirate ship, and in Zaks' castle.
  Swinging is necessary in the last 2 areas to access certain items/places.

A pile of dry straw
- Found: In Grand Dizzy's house (left of Denzil's house) on top of the shelf
- Use: One of 2 items needed to un-freeze Denzil

A small animal cage
- Found: In Daisy's house
- Use: Drop on Pogie (who hangs out around Dizzy's house) to trap him in the

A magical star plant
- Found: ground level to right of elevator nect to spider
- Use: One of 3 ingredients needed for Grand Dizzy's medicine.

Dora who has been turned into a frog
- Found: in Dora's house
- Use: Give to the prince at the village base. He'll turn Dora back to normal
  and give you his crossbow.

A one ton weight
- Found: above Dylan's elevator to right off ledge onto another ledge then left to ramp next to spider
- Use: Put on the platform with a hook (right of Dora's hut) to lower the
  platform, letting you jump on it.

A tasty looking roast chicken
- Found: On the ground of the village
- Use: Throw at Armorog at the area left of the village to make him go away.

A crossbow with lots of bolts
- Found: Given by prince after you give Dora to him
- Use: Needed to enter trolls' castle in Keldor

A heavy bag of gold coins
- Found: Near waterfall
- Use: Give to troll in tunnel to make him go away

A protective old umbrella
- Found: On Castle St. in Keldor
- Use: Protects against dripping water in caves and in the mine when carried.

A red and white mushroom
- Found: Right of the volcano (right of village)
- Use: One of the ingredients for Grand Dizzy's medicine

A solid metal wrench (Aladdin cart only)
- Found: Right of volcano
- Use: Fixes elevator control machine

A heavy duty rustproof pickaxe
- Found: across water fall barrel jump thru 1st tunnel then right to barrel race max 2 items before entry
- Use: Used to release air bubble and open up new area on the ocean floor past sukken ship

A bridgebuilder's sharp axe
- Found: in grave yard after build bridge with doit yourself bridge kit
- Use: Breaks the bridge right of the volcano

An empty medicine bottle
- Found: Right of Grand Dizzy's house
- Use: One of the 3 things needed for Grand Dizzy's medicine. Put the
  medicine items in the cauldron in the right side of Grand Dizzy's house.

An old medicine recipe
- Found: In mine (gold cart), in Grand Dizzy's house (Aladdin cart)
- Use: Gives hints on what the medicine ingredients are. Optional item.

A full bottle of medicine
- Found: After you assemble all 3 ingredients
- Use: Give it to Grand Dizzy!

A warm golden dragon egg
- Found: Given to you by Grand Dizzy
- Use: The dragon in the mine doesn't bother you when you're holding the egg,
  letting you enter his lair. (In the Aladdin version, be sure you drop the
  egg and leave it there before leaving the dragon's lair, or else he'll
  flame you for trying to leave with an egg.)

A barrel of pirate's rum
- Found: past water fall jump thru fist tunnel to left on pier
- Use: Give to Blackheart, and he'll let you into his pirate ship.

A very strong crowbar
- Found: Right side of Bridge St. in Keldor
- Use: Opens a trapdoor in the pirate ship

Zaks' portcullis winch handle
- Found: received from dozy
- Use: Opens the main door in Zaks' castle, allowing you inside

Some sticks of dynamite
- Found: Bottom of pirate ship
- Use: Blasts open some rocks in mine, letting you into the area with the
  dragon. Obviously, drop off in the "Danger! Blasting Area" zone.

A portcullis winch handle
- Found: sails of pirate ship need rope to swing to it up then left
- Use: Opens portcullis door in Keldor to trolls' castle.

A complete DIY rope bridge kit
- Found: In trolls' castle
- Use: Lets you span a gap in the graveyard

A solid gold Irish shamrock
- Found: In dragon's lair need egg from grandpa dizzy
- Use: Give to leprechaun under Zaks' castle to make him go away.

A gravedigger's rusty spade
- Found: zaks castle up the bean stalk then jump clouds left up then right up left (hard)
- Use: Opens up diggable grave in the graveyard.

A key with a skull motif
- Found: mine cart exit 4 you can see it left of town two items max before starting
- Use: Turns on elevator in Zaks' castle; use like an elevator key.

A dry match
- Found: begining of mine
- Use: Along with the dry straw, use to light a fire to save Denzil in his

A pair of flippers for swimming
- Found: Given to you by Denzil
- Use: Allows you to swim in the water. You'll still not be able to breathe
  underwater, though.

A cage containing Pogie the fluffle
- Found: by trapping him :P
- Use: Give to Dylan

An incredibly small pigmy cow
- Found: Given to you by Dylan
- Use: You can give this to the shopkeeper and he'll give you a magic green bean, alternatively you can buy the bean from the shopkeeper and not use the cow.

An aqualung for underwater
- Found: On island on ocean (swim there using the flippers)
- Use: Lets you explore the ocean fully without fear of drowning!

An empty treasure chest
- Found: on sunken ship
- Use: Place on wall on the beach to the right of the ocean. Then, you can
  step on the chest to access the area to the right of the beach.

A 3 large rocks
- Found: under water left cave on far right beach then past the empty chest you should have droped already
  (gold cart)
- Use: drop into water to  raise the water level, allowing
  you to jump across the log to the other side. watch the rolling after the jump take a little skill

A large coin
- Found: on ocean floor at air bubble need axe to break out bottom
- Use: Give to shopkeeper.

A pair of brass cymbals
- Found: In the area under the bridge to the right of the volcano
- Use: Wake up Dozy!

A thick Persian rug
- Found: in belly of pirate ship need crow bar to get
- Use: Cover spiky area in Zaks' castl

A magic green bean
- Found: Bought from the shopkeeper (or got from him in exchange for the pigmy cow)
- Use: Plant in the area below Zaks' castle (where the sign is) leprican was there
  a climbable beanstalk to cloud jumps

An empty old tin bucket
- Found: In grave, under graveyard
- Use: Fill it with the water in that area.

A bucket full of water
- Found: In grave, under graveyard
- Use: Puts out the fire in Zaks' castle, letting you access more of the

A gymnast's bouncy trampet
- Found: In grave, under graveyard
- Use: Allows you to bounce out of the grave, back into the graveyard. I
  don't think there's another use (there's certainly no way to get the
  trampet out of that area, unfortunately).

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