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Treasure Island Dizzy & Magicland Dizzy

Reviewer: Andrew Joseph
Platform: Spectrum

Magicland Dizzy, for me was one of the hardest games in the series. The graphics (for the spectrum) were fantastic and above all else the in-game music was great and the best remembered out of the lot.  Treasure Island Dizzy, again, great gameplay and one the I like a lot. Loads of puzzles to solve and brill animation. Not to sure on the ONE LIFE rule though...

Fantasy World Dizzy

Reviewer: Andrew Joseph
Platform: Spectrum / PC

In my view one of the most difficult of the Dizzy Series of games. The 128k version ( SPECTRUM +2 ) has way better music than the PC version (although i'm not too sure if the pc version had music, i have a version with music though.) Again after Treasure Island Dizzy was made CODEMASTERS really wanted to expand on the gameplay and really give the impression that DIZZY isn't another character in a game.

There is a difference in apperance. Notice in the PC version of the game, the whole Yolkfolk changed. A redesign to make the PC version look better maybe? Although Dizzy didn't change in any of his spectrum games (Well, i think i remember he had a hat in a few games) Dizzy still changed the way we looked at the spectrum characters. Again, with all of the Dizzy games, there should have been more lifes. I think that CODEMASTERS should have introduced the health meter into all their spectrum and pc Dizzy games, as the players might enjoy the gameplay more. There is an error in the spectrum version of the game. I have noticed on my copy that the dragon (on the 48k version) doesnt breath fire, although you can still die by jumping near the dragon. This maybe just a glitch on my tape.

Magicland Dizzy

Reviewer: Jack Schitt
Platform: Commodore 64

This was my first ever console and my first Dizzy game which is probably why I love Dizzy. This game is great and although it was created over 7 years ago it is still quite tough because u need a spare hour, patience, and the ability to be careful and not waste falling down the well.

Reviewer: Jevon Greatorex
Platform: PC

I played it on the Atari STE (sic) and loved it and was only just reminded of the game when I was playing Counter Strike on the internet and a player said the name of the game and all of a suden I wanted to play it again.

Reviewer: Adam Walsh
Platform: ??

I think it was brill

Reviewer: Tom
Platform: ??

It's brillant I like the little egg it's so cute.  Anyway the plot's good but it's a bit hard.

Prince of the Yolkfolk / Dizzy the Adventurer

Reviewer: Dizzy Fan
Platform: Spectrum / Nes / GameGear

I'm a massive fan of Dizzy (As you might have guessed), and this is one of my favourites, despite its undeniable ease. I haven't played the Nes or GG versions, I do however remember that in the UK at least, The Speccy and GG versions were only available in compilation packs.

Regardless these, it's one of my favourites.

After that incredibly Fuzzy review: 7/10

Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy

Reviewer: Tom Webb
Platform: Amiga

Well, what can i say? a truly smashing game with some tidy puzzles. the idea of having the game based around different levels is briliant, and as you can get game genie codes if you die you can start at the level you died on. One of the best dizzy games made it is quite tricky with a slight element of easiness in it!!!

Reviewer: Max Maslen
Platform: Commodore 64

Dizzy games were known for being budget titles that cost around 3 and this one was a full-priced 10 game, so what was it that made this game so special that it deserved such a high price tag?

The graphics were the best ever seen in a Dizzy game. The blue sky, the waterfalls, the houses. It was quite shocking for it's time and this Dizzy game was huge, sort of like 4 Dizzy games in one. It was sometimes accused of being cheap because of the way Dizzy fell and did a forward roll but this game was amazing!

When you first play it, it seems like it's just a day in the life of Dizzy. You have to travel round there houses and try to get Grand Dizzy to talk to you. When you finally speak to him he tells you that the sacred crystal's have been stolen and it's your job to find them. There are four large adventures to solve, the first is in Dizzy Village, the second on a pirate ship, the third outside where you see Dizzy swim for the first time and the fourth is in a cave.

One of the great features of CKD is that as it's cut in to four sections, you can go to and from by entering a level code. Don't be fooled if you've played the rushed and poorly designed Spectrum version, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy on the Commodore is simply a masterpiece.

Kwik Snax

Reviewer: Jon
Commodore 64

My dad claimed to be the champ at Kwik Snax (C64) and I agree with what he says about the game - that it's one of the most addictive games ever. He used to leave the computer on all night after one of his sessions just so he could show me his new high score.

Reviewer: anonymous
Platform: Commodore 64

I think that the Dizzy Kwik Snax Game on the c64 waz Brilliant. I would stay up all night trying to collect all the fluffels. I would rate this game 9/10!!!

Rating: 9/10

Unofficial Games

Game: Dizzy Spinball
Reviewer: Andrew Joseph
Platform: PC

This game was made using the games factory and it's brill!  I'm not saying that just because I made it but it really is.  The game is based around a simple bat&ball style. The 'scrolling' levels makes the whole game more fun.

Although this game requires a lot of processing power to run, once you have that power the game will run like a dream!!

AJ signing off...

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